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There will be two oral sessions (one each week) where the participants will have the opportunity to present their work. Each talk will be 10 minutes long followed by 5 minutes of questions. Be concise, educational and creative! Remember about the JPP prize!

Oral Session 1: Thursday May 16

17:30-17:45: Fabio Cruz - Particle-in-cell simulations of pair discharges at pulsar polar caps

17:45-18:00: Virginia Bresci - A possible explanation for the anomalies in secondary cosmic rays spectra

18:00-18:15: Benjamin Crinquand - Electromagnetic cascade in Kerr black hole magnetospheres

18:15-18:30: Loann Brahimi - Non-linear diffusion of Cosmic Rays (CRs) escaping from Supernovae Remnants (SNRs) in the weakly ionized Interstellar Medium (ISM)

18:30-18:45: Lev Arzamasskiy - Hybrid-Kinetic Simulations of Low- and High-Beta Turbulence

18:45-19:00: Paola Domínguez-Fernández - Spectral properties of magnetic fields in merging galaxy clusters

19:00-19:15: John Mehlhalff - Kinetic Beaming of Emission Produced by Radiatively Cooled Relativistic Magnetic Reconnection

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Oral Session 2: Thursday May 23

17:30-17:45: Aysegul Tumer - Multi-scale study of turbulence in intracluster media: from AGN feedback to cluster merging processes

17:45-18:00: Atul Kumar - A new absorption mechanism for direct ion heating based of high power CO2 laser

18:00-18:15:  Florian Regnault - 20 years of ACE data: how superposed epoch analyses reveal generic features in interplanetary CME profiles

18:15-18:30: Roman Kislov - Quasi-stationary current sheets of the solar origin in the heliosphere

18:30-18:45: Sonakshi Sachdev - Conservative regularization of ideal fluid and plasma equations

18:45-19:00: Ayushi Vashistha Absorption Mechanism for coupling laser energy directly into ions

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Two poster sessions will be organized (one each week) where the participants will have the opportunity to present their work. Each poster session will begin with a flash talk session in the conference room where the participants can introduce their poster. Please prepare one slide and a 2 minutes long talk. The school is equipped with panel sizes 135×95 and 144×144 (sizes are given in centimeters), please prepare your poster accordingly. Please be concise, educational and creative! Remember about the JPP prize!

Poster Session 1: Wednesday May 15

Alexis Marret - Kinetic study of the non-resonant streaming instability

Giancarlo Mattia - A constrained transport method for the solution of Resistive Relativistic plasmas in the PLUTO code

Eszter Dudas - The Platypus exoplanet project

Alisa Galishnikova - Simulations of the light curves of an orthogonal radio pulsar

José Ortuño-Macías - Kinetic Simulations of Relativistic Radiative Steady-State Magnetic Reconnection

Evan Heintz - The Effect of Cosmic Ray Transport on Galaxy Evolution

Nadia Biava - MS 0735.6+7421: new radio data

Karen Pommois - Hybrid driftkinetic electrons and kinetic ions implementation for electrostatic fluctuations in weakly magnetized collisionless plasmas in space and laboratory

Jan Kotek - 3D Magnetohydrodynamical Simulations Using Finite Element Method

Egor Novoselov - Orthogonal pulsars as a key test for pulsar evolution

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Poster Session 2: Monday May 20

Phil Travis Turbulence and transport in mirror geometries in the LAPD

Alice Giroul - Characterising the Earth's magnetosheath far downstream

Laura Bercic - The role of Coulomb collisions in the solar wind acceleration region: Kinetic simulations

Christopher Bert - Simple Dependence of Proton Density and Temperature on Solar Wind Speed and Compression

Barbora Bezdekova - Simultaneous observations of quasiperiodic emissions by spacecraft and ground-based instruments

Beatriz Zenteno - Analysis of the dispersion properties of Kinetic Alfven Waves in the Solar Wind

Jesse Coburn - Solar wind measurements of the interaction between turbulence and pressure anisotropy

Michaël Geeraerts - Effect of electrical resistivity on the damping rate of fast and slow sausage modes

Manuela Sisti - Satellite data-based 3D simulation of Kelvin-Helmholtz and magnetic reconnection at the Earth's magnetosphere

Muni Zhou - Magnetic island merger as a mechanism for inverse magnetic energy transfer

Simon Vincent - Non-linear interactions of low frequency waves in a magnetically confined plasma column

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