Social Activities

We encourage you to get to know the other participants outside of a formal setting, and the school at Les Houches provides a wonderful setting to do so. Here, you can find some social activities that will be taking place during the two weeks:


Do you play an instrument?

There is a piano available in the café/bar/restaurant area for your enjoyment. If you have any musical instruments bring them along to play at the café during breaks, evenings or weekends.



Les Houches is the heart of the Alps moutains, and as such offer a great setting to get some fresh air in between the lectures. 

However, please note that mountain activities are at your own risk (the school insurance only covers you when you are on the school site, and if you plan hikes please notify the organisers before heading out).

If you are a morning person take advantage of the breathtaking views on the Mont-Blanc mountain range on an early morning run. Feel free to organize group runs as well.

We will schedule a few yoga classes throughout the program. If you would like to participate bring comfortable clothes and your yoga mat. If you have never done yoga but would like to give it a try, come along, just let the instructor know it is your first time. 


Night sky photography

We hope you will take the opportunity to look up and enjoy the night sky at this spectacular location. Bring your astrophotography gear and enjoy! 


Weekend activities

We hope you will take advantage of the beautiful location of the campus. Feel free to organize activities such as hikes during the weekend. If you don’t know where to go ask around there are many great hikes around the area. One or several members of the LOC member will be staying during the weekend, and can organise a hike for you. Let them know at the beginning of the school if you are interested, and don't forget to bring moutain gears (good and sturdy shoes, adequate clothing, packs for water).

You can also simply hang out at the campus during the weekend.

 -> Weekend Meals

Weekends are fully catered with three meals a day.


Other recommendations

Before any hike or climb, please put a note on the special book provided and include the name of the participants, approximate itinerary, schedule and phone number.

We draw your attention to the fact we only hold a collective insurance for accidents occurring on the school campus. Please be careful!

Useful Tips

The altitude of the school is 1150 m. Temperature may range from -15 to 5°C in winter and from 5 to 25°C in summer.

Check the weather here:

Click here for a description of the facilities:


Suggested items to pack

1. A headlamp or flashlight

2. Warm sweater(s)

3. Rain gear

4. Good walking shoes

5. Comfortable shoes to change once inside

6. A water bottle.

7. (Optional) Musical instruments to play

8. (Optional) Bring sports clothes and a yoga mat

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