Hands-on sessions/Journal Club

We will hold several hands-on sessions as well as two journal clubs during the school. Indication on what to prepare (software to download, data files, papers to read) are listed below. Please bring your laptop with you!

Hands-on session 1: Plasma simulations

Tutor MHD: Andrea Mignone

Linux shell (terminal), gcc compiler, make, python, gnuplot. These softwares are usually already installed by default, but please check. Tests codes and notes can be found here:


Tutor PIC: Mickaël Grech & Emmanuel d'Humières

The Particle-in-cell code SMILEI. Please refer to the intallation guide here.

Another way to work with the code is by using a virtual machine in two steps:

(1) First download the virtual machine at this address (~6GB): 


(2) Install version V6.0 of Oracle Virtualbox (free), available here:


Text for the tutorial here.

Hands-on session 2: Data analysis for laboratory plasmas

Tutor: Tommaso Vinci

The open-source software Neutrino. You will find a package for Mac and Windows, it is a simple click to install. For major Linux distributions, please see here. For instance, see the tutorial here for Fedora.

Hands-on session 3: Data analysis for space plasmas

Tutors: Karine Issautier & Philippe Zarka

Web-based sofwares: CDPP/AMDATopCat, 3DView

Sofware to install: Autoplot

Notes and materials for the AMDA hands-on.

Journal clubs 

Two journal clubs are organised on Friday 17th and Tuesday 21st. Students are requested to attend both of them and to register in the following link (see the google spreadsheet):


Note that all material (papers to read) can also be found in the google folder. Students are expected to have prepared the journal clubs by reading the articles proposed by the lecturers. The journal clubs being interactive, students will have the opportunity to discuss the papers directly with the lecturers.

The topics for the two journal clubs are as follows: 

  • Group 1 on Friday 17th  will be lead by Alexander Schekochihin, on collisionless plasmas
  • Group 2 on Friday 17th will be lead by Thomas Grismayer and Emmanuel d'Hummières, on high intensity laser plasma interaction.
  • Group 3 on Friday 17th will be lead by Benoit Cerutti, on pulsars' magnetospheres.


  • Group 1 on Tuesday 21st will be lead by François Rincon, on dynamo in collisionless plasmas
  • Group 2 on Tuesday 21st will be lead by Christopher Chen, on turbulence in the solar wind
  • Group 3 on Tuesday 21st will be lead by Nuno Loureiro, on magnetic reconnection and plasmoids


Note: For "Dynamo in collisionless plasmas" lead by François Rincon, please find also the following review; https://arxiv.org/abs/1903.07829 which covers a lot of ground but is supposed to be didactic, and may therefore be useful to prepare the lecture and/or journal-club session. The topic of dynamos in weakly collisional plasmas is introduced in Section 6 of the review.






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